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From niche community portals to data driven platforms integrated with the latest in artificial intelligence — We develop sophisticated solutions, beautifully presented.

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We've served over 100,000 users

Applaud Software

Our products and services bring new value to transform organisations


We designed the digital experience of one of London's leading data centre developers to accelerate growth and expand operations

Potion Soundworks

We created the digital presence and digital collateral for a leading UK commercial and film sound artist


From conception to execution, we developed the brand and assets for this unique collaboration of data science and animal health

The Mushroom Farm

We helped The Mushroom Farm accelerate their permaculture ethos from the start by developing a brand in line with their ecological initiatives

SEO Accel

From idea to productization, we developed an SEO content service that turns any company's blog into a lead machine


We accelerated this newsletter growth platform's branding to help them grow into the industry-standard service they are today

Software Consultancy

Software consultancy

Have an idea but don't know where to start? Already have a solution and need to get it built? We partner with companies to provide strategy and development.

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Streamlined Processes
Expert Insight
Reduced Overhead
Expandable Solutions
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We partner from discovery through to scale

Software Strategy

Our strategy development process involves prototyping and user testing to ensure that the solutions we create are user-centered and effective

Software Design

Our user experience and user interface design process prioritize customer journeys and service design to ensure that your brand is reflected in every touchpoint

Software Development

We take a solutions-driven approach to development and create software that is not only beautiful but also functional and user-friendly

“Applaud was instrumental in helping me to get Paced Email off the ground. Their insight into copywriting, pricing, and buyer psychology was fantastic.”
Rikki Pitt
Rikki Pitt
Founder @ Paced Email
“As a sound artist, it was important for me to have a website that not only showcased my work visually but also provided a seamless audio experience for my visitors. Applaud exceeded my expectations”
Alan Brown
Rob Owen
Director @ Potion Soundworks
“Applaud designed my new brand - my email list doubled in 3 weeks. They took a nebulous idea and solidified it into a simple, yet elegant proposition.”
Alan Brown
Prof. Alan Brown
Fellow @ The Alan Turing Institute
“I love working with this team. Their ability to quickly tease out a product’s hidden value through their innovative processes is truly impressive.”
Drummon Gilbert
Drummond Gilbert
Head of Marketing and Product @ Tech Nation
“Since working with Applaud, I've seen a decrease in our bounce rate, as well as a 40% reduction in overall advertising costs. A great experience.”
Graham Paterson
Graham Paterson
Product Partner @ Connect Ventures

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